What’s happening in other countries

Scroll down, there are several videos below.

Currently, mainstream media is not covering the tyranny that is already happening in other countries around the world. In Australia, for instance, tyranny is in high drive and the entire country is reportedly in lockdowns. Additionally, there have been mass protests against lockdowns and against the jab as well as walkouts where mandates are taking effect. Let this be a warning to us for what is to come. Again, you decide. Please pass this on to as many people as possible.

There are several videos on this page, but this is the scariest of them all showing what appears to be military in Australia snatching people from unmarked vehicles.

This clip shows Aussies that had went to a scared shrine to protest peacefully when police began opening fire. It appears as though the Police actually chase people, shooting them from behind.

Australian Journalist

This is from France recently.

The media makes these people out to be public enemy number one.

In Australia, the government just shut down all construction for two weeks and the Tradies in Australia have had enough.

Police are pushed back in Australia

Health workers against jab mandates in Canada

Protests in Greece

Protests in Switzerland

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