Is the Pfizer vaccine really FDA approved?


I’m gathering information on this page that will help you understand that this might not be the approval that you think it is. As always, do your own research, make your own conclusions.

Here is the document itself from the FDA. Some who read it say that its is just the extension of the Emergency Use Authorization. Click on the links below to view or download the FDA’s document about the change of status for the Pfizer vax.

Nuremburg code

So, my thoughts are that we’ve had the wool pulled over our heads on this one. There is no way this shit storm of an injection can be approved legitimately. If you are being threatened that you will lose your job, let them fire you so that you can possibly collect unemployment. Do not quit. If enough people stand together to the extent that the business is unable to operate normally, the business owner will have to make a choice. Typically, all it takes is about 10% of us to effect a change. But please, please do not give into their tyranny. I really believe that if you do, your future will be bleaker that if you tell that job to pound sand and do what they must, but you are not taking their poison.

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