Once upon a story line.

Once upon a time, there was a virus. A virus that was said to be so stealthy, that we had to use PCR testing to find it. We were told that testing is what we need most!. Everyone should be tested, because the virus is so stealthy that you can appear perfectly normal, and yet you could be among the walking doomed. You could be spreading a virus that leaves you looking and feeling normal, asymptomatic they might say. But, you could kill those in your path, like a ninja on an assassination mission. Deadly, fast and oh so stealthy.

This virus is so bad that we had to shutdown our economy, worldwide. So very insidious! We were told by our government and our news media that we must take drastic measures to ‘flatten the curve’ so that more people do not succumb to the monster. We trusted the government. You know, Biden is a stand up leader, right? And so, we masked and social distanced. We were told that as soon as a vaccine was available, it would all end. But for now, ‘Buckle up little camper’, it’s time to stay indoors and wear a mask wherever you go. I mean, unless you are eating at a table in a restaurant. The truth is that the smell of food, especially good food, repels CO-VID. So, keep your mask on until you receive your food. Once the food arrives, boom, it’s almost like you’re in a super CO-VID protective bubble. Completely and utterly protected!

There have been a lot of negative things said about this virus. But, if you think about it, it completely eradicated the flu for us! Isn’t that spectacular! Normally we have all of these flu deaths. But in the last year or so, none. That is what I call a stand-up virus! I can just see CO-VID having a talk with the flu, asking the flu to play the sidelines for a while. Insisting that the flu’s time would come again later, but for now, it must step aside! Bravo, Mr CO-VID! What a gentle-virus you are! I mean, I can only imagine both viruses attacking us at the same time! What a shit storm that would be, right?

Now, why the government would be insisting that we get a vaccine to extinguish such a class act like CO-VID, is beyond my imagining. But, here we are. They want us to not only get two doses of an untested, unproven injection, but boosters as well. And, even though children have been mostly untouched by CO-VID, many countries are now vaccinating children as young as 10 in some places. We are also being told by many of our employers that we must get vaccinated to continue working. Seems a little heavy handed to me. I don’t know why, but I don’t feel like we are being told the entire truth here. Sometimes, I wonder if the thing they are actually trying to exterminate is really the CO-VID. Seems that our entire existences have been altered over a virus that hasn’t really been that devastating, at least not until the experimental injection came along. Please watch and read the following and form your own opinion.

From a vaccine injured nurse.

Here is just a handful of personal injury accounts. There are literally thousands.

Mother and father of a young girl who died after taking the vaccine.

Another news story of a vaccinated person who died of CO-VID.

Please pass this on so that we can inform and awaken others to what’s really going on right now, all across the world.

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