Something’s not right with the Coronavirus. And by the way, do you have any toilet paper?

Please, please sign the appeal to halt 5G deployment.

In case you haven’t noticed, our country is in crisis. You might have seen a news piece on CNN or FOX or one of the other news machines about the new and deadly Coronavirus. If so, and if you are a good listener, you’ve been told to stock up (a little) and prepare to have to stay home for a while…because Coronavirus is coming to a neighbor you.

Or, you may not watch TV at all. If this is you, and you have been trying to figure out why everyone is buying all of the toilet paper. It’s true. There’s a new virus in town. And, legend has it that once you get it you’re going to defecate yourself to death. So, stock up!! Actually no, you can’t. There is no more toilet paper! And furthermore, if you have a little too much of something, like say toilet paper, share.

Now, I have to admit, I’ve been watching this whole scenario unfold for more than a month now. And, for a while, I was consumed by fear and driven into some kind of fight or flight, where I began preparing for what appeared to be the unfolding of an apocalyptic event that we would all be lucky to live through.

Once the Coronavirus scare really had a hold of me, I noticed that my sleep was beginning to diminish. My normal routines were starting to change. I began to spend less time exercising and more time worrying and preparing for an enemy I couldn’t see, but had been convinced was a ferocious, plague-like monster. In other words, I began to worry and be consumed about things that I had no control over. And, I momentarily lost my faith.

Let’s slow this train down and start enjoying the scenery again

We can’t always control what is going on around us. But, we can control how we respond to it. I am a firm believer that like attracts like. And, if we swim in fear and worry, we attract more fear and worry.  The opposite is true as well. If we choose to look at all of the aspects of our life that we are thankful for and choose to be happy and joyful, we also attract more of that.

So, once I realized that I had let this series of events hijack my happiness, I started on a journey to re-examine the facts. Now, don’t ever underestimate the power of fear. Fear changes everything. But, once you decide that you will not succumb to fear, you can choose, more and more frequently, to instead live with more positivity and hope.

Why is this so important? Well, all we really have is today. Yesterday is past and tomorrow is not here yet. If you choose to be happy today, your yesterdays will be a treasure and your tomorrows will be brighter.

The facts ‘as I perceive them’

Here are some interesting points to consider.

  • The numbers are not there- If this really is the earth shaking virus that will ravage the earth, why is it killing so few in most areas. Take the example of Florida’s counts. Florida’s first case was on March 1st. that is now nearly a month ago, and we have still only suffered 19 deaths (still only 28 as of 3/27) in a state of millions. Now, there are some hot spots in Florida, which I will discuss momentarily. But overall, more people die from car/pedestrian accidents in Florida in a month, than have died from the COVID.

Additionally, we have between 12,000 and 61,000 influenza deaths every year (according to the CDC). And, as I drive past all of the restaurants and other businesses that have been forced to close because of ’19’ deaths, I cry a little bit inside. I have really come to think that the reality of this virus is that its just another flu. However, I do believe that there is more to this story. Again, I’ll get to that in a minute.

  • Inconsistent casualties among both varying demographics and varying locations- The great thing about this coronavirus event, is that its been well covered by media to include an online map, posted by Johns Hopkins that shows illness, Death and recovery counts. The worse thing about this virus, however, is also the media coverage of this event. Inaccurate and haphazard reporting by the media has left our people running for their bunkers (after buying enough toilet paper to spend months in that far away country called poo-land, of course.)  and our investors are pulling out of the stock market at record pace. But, this is even more complicated than the media.

And why the inconsistencies:

    • Why did Wuhan’s cases sky rocket, with over 3000 deaths and 70,000 plus overall infections? And yet, the provinces neighboring Wuhan had minuscule numbers of illness and deaths. According to the map, Wuhan had 3160 deaths with 67,801 infections. Neighboring province, Jiangxi shows only 936 Illnesses and only 1 death. they had almost a thousand illnesses, but only 1 person died. I do not for a second believe that this is because China acted quickly in the best interest of their people. Again, I believe there are other factors.
    • The virus does have the potential to kill, but…- This virus, just like our normal yearly influenza viruses, can kill and can do so fairly quickly, in some cases. However, if you really look at it, this virus is not affecting us anymore than the yearly flu. And yet, we are allowing our economy to be destroyed because of our fear of it.
    • There is an issue that might be more important than coronavirus, and might, in fact, be deeply related-  You might have heard about speculation that the recent roll-out of 5G has played some kind of part in the coronavirus outbreak. Then, just as quickly there have been multiple sites attempting to debunk any potential connection. But, again, the data shows that under certain circumstances, this coronavirus takes a much higher toll. I question whether that factor might be 5G.

Now, do I think that 5G caused coronavirus? Absolutely not. In fact, I believe that coronavirus would have been here either way. I do, however,  question whether we would even have noticed that something new was floating around without 5G. And, how do I believe that happens? I think its terrifyingly simple. I suspect that 5G, in at least some kind of contact, severely diminishes our immune system, allowing something that might have otherwise been handled efficiently by our immune system to otherwise flourish.. Here are the facts, as I can best find them as they relate to the roll out of 5G in hard hit coronavirus areas. However, please be aware that, if I am correct, there are different types or frequencies of 5G. Some might be more or less dangerous than others. Again, I’m not a 5G expert.

    • WUHAN-Wuhan rolled out 5G on November 1st, 2019. The first known coronavirus patient is alleged to have been identified on November 23rd. Wuhan’s infections and death rates skyrocketed over the next couple of months. Provinces surrounding Wuhan, without 5G, have fared much, much better.
    • ITALY-In Italy, like Wuhan, the race to bring the magic of 5G to reality seems somewhat frantic. It appears that Italy began rolling out 5G in June of 2019. Since the virus landed there, Italy has had a greater number of infections and deaths than many countries.
    • italyitaly2
    • SPAIN- It appears that Spain has 5G in at least some capacity, in at least 15 cities. Spain is currently one of the disease epicenters with currently more than 2600 deaths.spain
    • SEATTLE and NEW YORK and ORLANDO- All epicenters, all 5G leaders. In fact, there was a huge push to get 5G up and running in Seattle so that local tech companies, like Amazon, could have access. Seattle seems to have been disproportionately affected, like Wuhan, Like Milan. As for New York, things are ramping up quickly with over 13,000 infections and 125 deaths as of today (3/24/20).
    • NEW ORLEANS- New Orleans is now a flourishing COVID-19 hot spot. Here is a piece about the roll-out of 5G in New Orleans in January of this year.

What would it hurt to test this theory?

This article is an opinion article. An article written at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is rearing its head everywhere. There are people dying. And, it is definitely disrupting our national economic stability. So, with all of that in mind, what would it hurt to turn off 5G, and just see what happens. You can’t tell me that we are already dependent on it. It’s still new. If you turn it off for 30 days, it will only effect one industry (Cellular and 5G industries). IF, by chance, 5G is playing a role in our susceptibility to pathogens, then maybe, by turning it off until we know more, we can avert huge economic and personal losses. As I write these words, I feel the upcoming push-back from those involved in and invested in the 5G industry. But, our lives and the lives of those we love are far more important than any new technology.

Trends and hot spots

Now listen, I get it. Everyone has a theory and there are Coronavirus conspiracies everywhere. And, many if not most people are not able to see a connection between environmental pollution and illness. I, personally, have experienced the effects of environment on my health. But, let’s use our heads here. Some of the trends we are seeing simply defy logic.

Infections and deaths are higher in some areas. Why does it seem like we have two different viruses. One that floods emergency rooms in some locales and in others, many are just getting a sniffle. Maybe there are a handful of deaths in these low impact areas. But why would this virus act different in some areas?

I live near Tampa Florida, but not in Tampa. We are home to several cruise ships and have a huge influx of visitors. It’s one of the most visited areas in the world. Our first ‘known’ coronavirus case came to us, via world travel, a month ago. WE STILL ONLY HAVE 28 COVID-19 DEATHS in the entire state as of today (March 27th, 2021).

Again, the virus has been in my county in Florida for almost an entire month now. The county I live in has nearly a million people. Yet, now that everyone is locked down, ambulance traffic has all but stopped completely. Prior to Corona, I would hear sirens  10+ times in a single day. I submit that our overall death rate, state-wide, is currently lower than normal. People are not having as many accidents. People are not out doing as many things that result in accidental personal injury. But also, I have not seen a single sign of a devastating virus anywhere. Ironically, so far, no 5G.

What now?

Keep an open mind. But, if you are in an area, like most, where Coronavirus does not seem to fit the hype, check your local 5G status. Alternatively, if you live in an are where the virus is decimating the area, consider looking at your local 5G coverage. Use YOUR OWN judgement.

Be kind, first of all. Be kind to yourself and others. People are losing their livelihoods because of shutdowns everywhere. people are losing money in the stock market because of the insecurities of others. Leave your stocks alone, this will pass! I’ve noticed that people seem afraid to even say hi to a passerby. I’m pretty sure you’re safe to waive and say hello without catching the COVID. Just a simple smile could lift someone’s spirit.

Know that everything is OK. I’ve learned that things are not always as they seem. Nothing, absolutely nothing positive can be accomplished by worrying.

Don’t hoard. Hoarding is a fear based action. Personally, I’m choosing not to react to these events in fear. Instead, I’m choosing joy and thankfulness. I already have enough. And, there will be enough when I need more.

There are some positives to the coronavirus events- By focusing on the things we are grateful for, we tend to draw more of those things to us. Here are some examples:

  1. More time with family. Of course, to those who feel they already have enough time with family, this could be, well, anyway. But seriously, we rush through life, rarely stopping to take the time to really be present in the moment with our family. What a gift this could be.
  2. Less stress as business and personal events are cancelled. The COVID has caused cancellations of nearly everything. Granted, I greatly miss many activities that have been cancelled to delay the spread of the disease. But, with many of these cancellations comes the ability to work on something special, or even nothing at all. What will you do with your extra time?
  3. Other positives like less air pollution. Air pollution, due to the worldwide slow down, has been visibly improved. It is truly wonderful how amazing the air smells now that nature has made us take a time out.
  4. Time for a new hobby. Now is the time to start a new hobby or workout routine. The goal, of course being to make the most out of this constantly changing situation. If you’ve been wanting to start getting in shape, now is the time.

In closing. These are trying and desperate times for many. But, we’ll get through this. Don’t panic, don’t lose your faith and stop looking at your neighbor, that you’ve known for 5 years, like he might have Ebola. Smile for heaven’s sake. We all need more of that right now. And, unlike toilet paper, smiles are free!




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